CCTV installations inCounty Durham

There are many reasons why you might want to have CCTV installed. It could be that you are running a business, and you are concerned with keeping shrinkage to a minimum. Or maybe you just want to make sure your home doesn’t get burgled.

Whatever the motivation, it’s never been easier to have CCTV installed - and with our help, you will be able to have it installed quickly and easily, and at an affordable price point. That’s why Lavelec Electrical are one of the most trusted CCTV installation companies in County Durham.

CCTV Installers in Durham

Why do you need CCTV?

You may be wondering whether CCTV is actually necessary for you or not, or whether you can do without it. The truth is that it is probably more necessary than ever, owing to increasing crime rates across the board. If you have anything valuable to protect, whether for your business or in your home, CCTV can be an important preventative measure.

It can also be used to help prosecution after the fact, which can often mean you end up getting your much-deserved compensation. So it’s something that you will certainly find beneficial for these reasons and more.

Home CCTV installation

For the home in particular, we offer a home CCTV installation service based in County Durham that you are going to find incredibly effective and important. We are quick and efficient in our installation service, and we’re always happy to speak to you about your specific security needs and concerns, to help ensure that we are giving you what you need.

Our home CCTV installation service might be all you really need to help keep your home safe from burglaries and break-ins, and other related issues that might occur.

security cctv durham
security cctv durham
security cctv durham

Commercial CCTV installation

But we also offer CCTV installation for commercial settings, and this too is somewhere where it’s important to be able to trust the service you are getting. With our help, you will be able to keep the loss of your stock and cash to a minimum, as CCTV is known to be a very strong deterrent against such crimes. You might also be seeking to protect the wellbeing of your staff, in which case CCTV can be a really important thing to have.

For CCTV installations in your commercial building, you can count on us to provide you with exactly the peace of mind you are looking for.

CCTV Installation

Because we care about giving you a service that you will be delighted with, and we know that a really central part of that is cost, we are always keen to keep our prices as fair as possible. If you look at other CCTV installation companies in County Durham and beyond, you will find that we offer prices that are extremely competitive, and that is something that we are really very proud of.

You won’t have to worry about the installation costing you dearly, and you’ll get a lot for your money every single time.

Contact Lavelec if you’re looking for local cctv installers in County Durham

If you need CCTV installed in either the home or the workplace, you need look no further than right here at Lavelec. We offer a trustworthy service that has already satisfied many clients in the past, at a price that you are going to be very happy with. No matter how big or small the CCTV installation job might be, you can count on us to deliver, so make sure that you are getting in touch if you would like to find out more.

We are always keen to speak with you about your needs and we are happy to provide a free quote, so there is no reason not to get in touch today about our CCTV installation services in County Durham.


Can I install CCTV outside my flat?

You are able to install CCTV outside your flat or house, but you have to be careful about being in line with regulations. If you capture footage of people, then GDPR and DPA laws will apply to that footage, so you have to bear that in mind.

Where to install CCTV cameras at home?

Good positions generally include: the front and back doors and any other entrances, the garage, first floor windows for a bigger view, and a first floor window.

What do you need to install a CCTV system?

First of all, a reason. If it is in a public setting such as your place of work, you’ll have to inform people too.